Alternative launch model

In a world where the reputation of a new product can be made, or broken, by the first user tweet or Amazon review, managing the social spaces around major launch campaigns has never been so vital.

Our Alternative Launch Model puts you in control.

Developed, tested and refined over 10 years, the TSP Alternative Launch Model uses proprietary targeting tools to identify the early-adopters and opinion-formers most likely to be favourable to your brand.

Controlled sampling at scale – typically 5,000-10,000 participants – delivers a wealth of favourable user reviews and recommendations in support of key claims.

Content is then carefully managed and leveraged across all major social brand touch-points – from targeted Facebook advertising to real world word of mouth – accelerating awareness and adoption, driving footfall to shelf and supporting peer-to-peer penetration.

Typical ROI 5:1

Typical Sales Uplift 9.8%

(Nielsen Data)

Control who creates the all-important first reviews for your products and stories rather than leaving it to chance

Manage first user experiences to ensure favourable recommendations and reviews

Generate authentic user content at scale amongst core target audiences timed to validate brand claims

Lift traditional media effectiveness (typically 5 – 10%)

Match user experiences to desired brand/strategic outcomes – e.g. generating ‘how-to’ stories to help overcome complexity, or ‘better than’ stories in aid of switching/premium price justification

Leverage authentic selected user stories at all of the key social touch-points used by consumers on purchase decision journeys – including off-line Word of Mouth