Social Data

We apply quantitative and qualitative rigour to large social datasets to derive insights from unprompted conversations.

A survey effectively captures our attempt to recollect our past behaviour and, as studies have shown, we can be rather poor at reflecting on the reasons behind the decisions we’ve made.

We believe that one of the advantages of using social media to examine opinions is that we’re able to capture views expressed in the moment, which are less likely to suffer from any post-rationalisation.

At The Social Partners, we’re tool agnostic and not wedded to using a single monitoring provider, enabling us to draw on a range of technologies.

We also believe the true value in social media research lies in qualitatively analysing the conversations. The structured data delivered by the tool can provide the what, where and when, but not the how or the why.

Our team of experienced researchers apply both quantitative and qualitative rigour to huge datasets to uncover previously unrevealed insights.

This requires both knowledge of the client and a strong understanding of how and why people use different social networks to share information and their opinions.

We use social media research to:

  • Understand consumer and public opinion;
  • Inform planning or strategy;
  • Assess the effectiveness of campaigns;
  • Benchmark brand perceptions; and
  • Answer specific questions.

This helps us to determine the rational and the emotional drivers of advocacy, enabling us to better understand the underlying reasons behind brand preference.